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A room illusion with POV-Ray


I’ve been planning to model a 3D scene and paint it to my bedroom walls, ceiling and floor so that the three-dimensional surroundings are apparent if you look at the room from the correct position.

Finally I got around to testing what it would take to render the images that should be painted to the walls.

It was quite simple, actually.

The original scene

First create a scene normally. Choose the camera position, that’s the position from where the illusion will work.

Then imagine an accurate model of the room around the camera. I chose the camera position to be at the door. I can ignore the wall adjacent to the door, so I’ll need to generate five textures: the wall opposite to the door, the walls to the left and to the right, the ceiling and the floor.

To generate the textures, here’s a POV-Ray macro I came up with. It sets the camera so that the image plane is equal to an imaginary plane (one of the walls).

For example, if the camera position is <0,1.8,-2.5> and the floor is imagined to be box { <-4,0,-2.5> <4,0,2.5> }, you’d render the corresponding texture with

Render_Plane_From(<0,1.8,-2.5>, <0,0,0>, <8,0,0>, <0,0,5>)

where <0,0,0> is the center of the plane, <8,0,0> is the “right” vector and <0,0,5> is the “up” vector.

The test scene

Next, create an actual model of the room to test the textures that were created. Just create the planes and apply the textures to them.

Remember: the camera position must be exactly the same as it was in the original scene for the illusion to work. The direction and the angle do not matter.

The following images demonstrate the effect. One is from the correct camera position and the other is from a “wrong” camera position. Ignore the ugly original scene, it was just hastily thrown together to test this technique.

Room (right camera position)
Room (wrong camera position)

Check out the video.

I’m probably not going to manage to model a good-looking scene and paint it to the room any time soon, but at least now I know how to do it. :-)

© 2011 Johan Kiviniemi

The image of a giraffe is from Wikimedia Commons